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Welcome to
Prospects Education Group                              

The Prospects Education Group consists of several establishments engaged in higher education in collaboration with reputed universites and Institutes from countries such as UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.

Established several years ago, by a group of proffessionals with considerable experience in the higher education sector, locally and overseas, we have now grown into a leading provider of higher education solutions for students, executives and proffessionals.

The Prospects Education Group consists of the following entities

  • Prospects Education Worldwide – For overseas studies at reputed universities and colleges. Logo onto for further details

  • Prospects Academy of Training and Development – Providing corporate training solutions from workshops to certifications in collaboration with The Management Edge – Australia

  • Prospects Institute of Higher Education – Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Masters level programs in Collaboration with Australian and UK Universities and Education Institutes
Latest News

(1).Prospects Education Launches Innovative Online English Learning program – Prospects Education launched Internationally renowned award winning online English programs in Sri Lanka recently. These programs are available in over 30 countries and have over 25,000 students enrolled as individuals, in schools, universities and companies. The programs use latest cutting edge technologies and innovative teaching methods to develop reading, writing, speaking and listning skills. Features include interactive videos, digital dictionaries and video games to make learning fun and exiting! Courses start from Rs. 600 per month and includes International certification. Contact – 0722-303383 for further details

(2).Prospects Institute Launches Psychology Programs – Prospects Institute of Higher Education laucnched a range of Diploma programs in Psychology recently. The programs include : Diploma in Psychology, Diploma in Industial and Organisational Psychology, Diploma in Child Psychology and Diploma in Counselling and Educational Psychology. Students have the option to obtain certification from UK Association of professionals. Contact – 0722-303383 for further details

(3).Prospects Academy successully completes training program on Shop Floor English for the staff of Jaykay marketing – Prospects Academy of Training and Development recently completed a training program on Shop floor English for the CRO's, Cashiers and other staff of Jay Kay Marketing/Keells Super, a member of the John Keells Group.

Prospects Academy, the training arm of the Prospects Education group, conducts specialised training programs on developing English language skills including reading, writing, speaking and listning skills. The programs available for companies include customised programs on Spoken English, Business English and report writing skills.

Prospect Academy conducts these programs with a highly interactive approach with maximum student participation and uses innovative training methodologies such as Role Plays, Group activities, as well as latest technology including audio/visual presentations, and software to develop speech and comprehension. Learning is made fun and exiting with innovative features such as interactive videos taken from latest movies, TV Series, Documentries as well as educative video games. Additional learning is provided through online support English learning programs monitored by the trainers. Latest technology is used to record and playback and compare with native speakers to develop spoken English skills and perfect pronunciation, as well as to conduct assessment and placement tests.

For more details on training programs on English skills for companies contact Ramani on – 077-3847783